dscn2742.jpgHello awesome person reading this. You have made an excellent decision in sticking around, lemme tell ya! Or, you accidentally clicked on this website and are hurriedly scrambling for the back button.

Either way, I have to say something about my not-nearly-as-awesome self. I like short hair, Harry Potter, writing, Star Trek, writing, reading, baking, writing, YouTube, writing, horror games and scary movies, and sometimes if I find the time, writing.

When I’m not partying hard with my homies, Edgar Allen Poe, C.S. Lewis, Douglas Adams, and Conan Doyle, I’m attending college for a degree in Digital Filmmaking.

When I was about 16 I was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss, and so my writing has taken a diverse turn. I love writing about accommodation and showing disabilities in more than a sexy way.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel mowganatah if you liked the content here for more on writing, college life, skits, Let’s Plays, and more! And if you didn’t like the content here, subscribe anyways to show me who’s boss.

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